spring racing

Over the last few weeks I have been designing an installation to go smack bang into Melbourne Central. Yes, as in - Melbourne. Big Deal!
So last week, it was time to make the idea the real deal. Yes I was nervous. I had only ordered 580 bunches of flowers. And at the last minute I was hurriedly stuffing them into my backpack as I ran out the door to catch my aeroplane. 
And then I got to Melbourne, HOW GOOD IS MELBOURNE?
Have I told you what I was making? I didnt? 
I made a flower wall, A really big (dont try this at home) one. 
And no I didnt do it all by myself. I called out for a Melbourne intern, and amongst the line up of applicants, I read an email from Pip. She said something about pinatas. And her name was Pip. So that pretty much sealed the deal.

She informed me of these night time dancing in the dark classes which is kinda weird, and she is going to start delivering people vegetarian lunch snack packs ON HER BIKE under the name of hello aubergine. I know. Cute. She is one awesome tiny compacted human.
this is pip. isnt she cute?

To build the wall, I needed to work in a really big space, that was filled with some first class excellence. The home of Easey st. Easey st, is the place that you wished you lived in, but you cant because its where people work. The boys Jim Bob, Grayson and I cant remember the other guys name (im kidding, joel) look after some cool brands in there, the inhouse mega babe Lou of St Josephine looks after some even cooler brands and then theres anoushka from great sweet and photographer Steve Gourlay who also happened to be the handy man behind the great wall structure. 
I tell you what, if I didn't live in Sydney, Id be parking my car there every day.
Collectively, they are so awesome they could start their own religion if they wanted to.
So Melbourne, if you want to visit this heart racing spring racing creation get down to Melbourne Central quicksticks, because thats where you will find it. It is all part of the excitement for The Spring Racing Carnival.
And you know whatelse, if you catch the elevator you will see maaaa name in there.
Now that is a big deal.


  1. More flowers please! :D
    We love you so much! <3

  2. The colours are lovely!! Flowers are so pretty!

  3. Amazing! Selected a very beautiful flower colors :)

  4. The post is giving instruction about the spring collection of flowers. Useful post

  5. Ugh! I just LOOOOVE your hair! This is the best yet.

  6. Lovely flowers and couple........


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