unreal living

No, this isnt a 2 person conga line. This is pretend christmas with Megan Morton. 
A sneak look at the christmas shoot for real living mag that took place just a couple of weeks ago. (Yes in maggie magazine world, they do christmas in september and valentines day at christmas. V weird) 
Anyway, no turkey, no tinsel, it was just a bunch of awesome clever babes being cute and sipping rose,  being merry in THE MOST well dressed, too good to look at festive christmas setting. And somehow here I am, wearing a hermes blindfold and participating in some stick on piñata smashing activities. 

You will have to wait until December to see how we did it MM style.


  1. Love it! A Hermes blindfold must be the best way to tackle a piñata!

  2. Bardzo fajna stronka, warto poczytac.
    modne zegarki męskie


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