Wednesday, January 9, 2013

hip florals

I love taking people out to the markets, I feel like a tour guide, its like when you are house sitting a mansion and you invite your friends over and pretend that you live there. The happiness of the flower world is too much. it almost sort of feels like its my birthday. Except I hate my birthday.. so I imagine if I didn't hate my birthday then this is what it would feel like if I loved my birthday. Usually, when I invite people to the markets they said YAAAAAAHHHHhhh, I want to go with you, and then I say, well lets got tomorrow at 4.30 am and then all of a sudden they have better things to do. Like... being asleep.
Anyway, a little while back I took a couple of Sophies out to the markets. 
One was a photographer and the other,  a journalist from Broadsheet
I gave them the A+ tour with all of my favourite suppliers and let them in on a few special top secret tips. If you want to know what we were talking about... click over here to read about it

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  1. This is great Hollie! A few years ago my husband and I had a mini holiday/weekend in Sydney and we got up in the very early hours to visit the flower market and the food part of the market too. It was amazing, although being first time visitors we were slightly overwhelmed. I would love to go back one day and the early morning just adds to the atmosphere. Great photos and story on Broadsheet too :)