Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Capt Franco & Capt Mon

People often ask me if I do weddings. 
Like, of course I do weddings. What kind of chief flower enthusiast doesn't do weddings?
Truth be told, I don't take on all weddings... if you were to come to me and say-                       I want colourful gerberas for each of my 27 bridesmaids and a red rose bouquet bound with diamontes and dove eyelash sprinkles , oh and the RSL said they would do our table centerpieces, so you don't need to worry about that.
I would then say NO. No I don't do weddings. Not your wedding. 

When Capt Franco and Mon asked me "do you do weddings?" 
I said "YES! I do!" 

turbo petal pushers anamai and lilli 

The beautiful chuppah was made by Franco's best men friends.. unfortunately after we finished decorating it, it started raining. They say its good luck for it to rain on your wedding day. I think Mon & Franco are going to have years and years and years of good luck. It absolutely bucketed down all over us and the chuppah was relocated to the deck of the venue... and then again to inside the venue. 
It was really raining good luck all over the place, even sideways. 


  1. Nice click and very special flowers.

  2. wedding and raining nice combination with such lovely flowers.....

  3. Absolutely beautiful! You're so talented.

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  5. Very nice arrangement, with an amazing combination of color-shy flowers. Hydrangea and eryngium look perfect together.

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