Monday, February 11, 2013


For those solo singletons, I have not forgotten you! 

The annual Lonely Hearts Club giveaway is on again!

This year LOVESTAR has kindly offered a hum dinger of a prezzie to put a bandaid on your heart. Helsy the lovely behind LOVESTAR has designed wishimadethemfirst love heart perspex vases. Not only are they hot pink / neon yellow/ near invisible clear... 
they hang on your friggen wall too! Get! OUT! 

So if you are a solo sandy this VDAY tell me what you LOVE more than anything in the whole entire world. Either comment below or find me on instagram (theflowerdrum) ((DERRR)) and leave a comment. For example, if I was going to enter, I would say- 
I love Helsy because she loves carnations, and I love carnations too, so therefore I love Helsy and thats why I should win. But I can't win because that wouldn't be fair now would it? OR MAYBE I WILL WIN?!

The winner will be drawn on Valentines Day and notified via megaphone / email / courier pigeon. Rooooomaaaaantic!

If for some reason you don't win because I don't believe that you love whatever it is that you say that you love, then head over here to buy one -



  1. Oh these vases are divine. I love 'love', neon pink and yellow anything, and anything heart shaped.

  2. My baby - my 19 year old son - has just gone off into the big wide world. This would really cheer me up, they are so pretty and fun.

  3. I love my bed because i'm sleepy and it's comfy although I would love if there were someone else in it
    maybe its because there aren't enough neon vases filled with pretty flowers hanging in my room? (or maybe I just suck)
    happy valentines!
    xx kate

  4. I love spoiling myself on Valentine's Day and remembering that you can be happy all on your lonesome - because sometimes we all need a pick-me-up and a reminder that the world is lovely!
    Happy V-Day! :) x

    (PS: I'm not entirely sure on the specifics of this, but my email is

  5. I need to be loved up over here, with neon and hearts! It would absolutely make my world simply divine!
    Happy valentines day!

  6. saying things with a french accent... errrrm weh.

  7. I thought at the ripe old age of 25,
    I would be avec boyfriend, amid a jive.
    However, I am proud member of this Lonely Hearts Club,
    Still a part of this beautiful flowering single-lady shrub.
    Being a Singleston rocks,
    Who needs dirty men’s jocks.

  8. I love, more than anything, sleeping diagonally in bed. The presence of a dude would only complicate things haha. So at this moment in time I am a proud member of the Lonely Hearts Club :)

  9. I heart spending time with my family and friends, having a causal picnic or go for a road trip etc etc. Priceless x

  10. last year on v-day i found out i was very's been a crazy year but i love this valentine's day because my boyfriend is taking off work and we are going to reclaim it..for once we are going to really enjoy the day in all its hallmark glory.
    also, i LOVE these vases. SO MUCH.

  11. I love WONDERMENT.
    That feeling of not knowing, the excitment of walking around a corner.
    The simplicity of your child touching your arm, or a crush on the local coffee shop boy.
    Sunlight creating a rainbow, or jasmine on a wooden fence with the promise of spring....
    A stranger smiling....
    These vases are divine.

  12. I love when it's a public holiday and you walk to your local cafe not knowing whether you're going to be able to get your coffee fix, and then you turn the corner and there's a dog sitting outside on the pavement and the baristas are doing they're thing and YES, IT'S OPEN!

    It's the little things...

  13. I just discovered your blog today and spent the past couple of hours scrolling through all your posts. I AM IN LOVE. I have a secret passion for flowers and it is so inspiring to see that you made your passion a dream come true. I hope to travel to Australia one day and take a flower bomb class! Keep up the lovely work :)

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  16. Hey Dore, The High Intense was gorgeous, quite Intense! I do believe I’ve seen High Intense at our local wholesalers, slightly different shape than the ones featured from Harvest.