Friday, March 15, 2013

carnie come back

The Greek call them dianthus caryophyllus— for those who aren't greek it means-
 “flower of the gods”
or in regular people speak - carnations.

A really brief history of the carnation -  by Holly Hipwell

For some 2000 years, carnations have held a high position in the flower ranks - possibly due to their long lastingness, their fresh scent, secret meanings,  and their ability to maintain form after being run over with a 4WD... But then one day something bad happened. 
Im not sure exactly what, because I wasn't there, but rumour has it, a carnation was spied getting all bouq'cozy  with some babies breath. I know! OMG. 
Anyway, they were immediately dumped into the NOT GOOD flower files, because that kind of fraternising just isn't on. 

 While most flower shops turned their backs on the carnations, underground floral boutiques such as "Woolies" "Coles" & "BP" backed the bloom, allowing it to escape extinction. And now in 2013, the carnation is making a come back. Im telling you now. You better believe it.
Its coming back. 
Its back. 

You know what else?
Carnations are THE official flower of mothers day. 
Just like Passion Pop is THE official drink of turning 18 and Nutri Grain is THE official cereal of the Olympics.. 

You know what else?

To celebrate carnations and our mums, we are hosting a special Mothers Day Flower Bombing Class @ The School. ON MOTHERS DAY!
To make a booking or to ask questions, go here - THE SCHOOL


  1. I always hated carnations in the past but these pictures are may have swayed me. Xxx

  2. Pretty photos, I wonder if carnations are scented.

  3. I know this is a really late post, yet I just spotted your blog and was reading the "older posts." I love carnations and strongly advise you to see the movie Jean de Florette. I have not seen it in quite some time, and I do hope I have spelled it correctly. It is, of course, French and stars Gerard Depardieu. I love it!

  4. Thanks for sharing this useful info. I wasn't aware that carnations are best for mother's day....!