Monday, March 11, 2013

one perfect day

I have been holding this in for weeks upon weeks now, and finally I can reveal -
The wedding of Candice Lake & Didier Ryan!
I had to keep it a secret because Vogue wanted to cover the big day, and as much as I wanted to have exclusive rights, Vogue had the upper hand this time.

Late last year I received an email from Candice asking if I could do her wedding flowers, and was like- TRY AND STOP ME! After a few emails and a couple of stamps in her passport, Candice was back in town and she met me at the flower markets so we could pick her ultimate floral ingredients. Didier came too! Turns out he loves flowers, so he had a great time. We all did. My friend Gabby was there as well. We were picking out her wedding flowers too!

We needed to find something that would go with - The Dress. The Alberta Ferretti Dress. The Alberta Ferretti Dress that Alberta Ferretti made for Candice.
And that we did. 

We picked white misty and gardenias for the bouquet, white misty for the flower crown. Didier made his own buttonhole with natives, and his sister made the bridesbabes bouquets. We used natives to dress the arbour (that Didier made), which you can't see here, but you will see later... 
(I wont be mixing up Liz Ham's snaps with my iphone photos. No way, not today!)

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Images by Liz Ham for Vogue.


  1. Oh you former helicopter hostess you!! So rad!

  2. This blog reminded me the time when I was the bride :) that day was perfect - many flowers, gifts, kisses and good wishes... now I have only pictures and memories :) Maybe my photographies are not to professional like these, but it's beautifull for me :) thanks for sharing the beauty of two people being in love.

  3. AMAZING! Good on you!

  4. Very great wedding for the two people in love to each other.This really inspired me so much.I dream to have my wedding like this.

  5. Lovely dress! Lovely photos. I could feel the warmth of the weather (it is still cold where I live)

  6. If I wear as slim as her - I would wear something like that in my weddings... and in this case, someone would marry me I think...