HH hits HK

Last month I went to Hong Kong.
Well I actually started writing this post last month. SO... a couple of months ago I went to Hong Kong!

See, this is PROOF!

Anyway, I was there on family business. My half sister was having her bat mitzvah. 
Now, I've never been to one of those before, so I thought it was an event not to be missed. 
I hope I haven't lost you already, because I know that you didn't know that I had a half sister, nor did you know that I used to live in Hong Kong. 
ANYWAY. Hanna wanted me to do some flowers for her big deal day, so I went to the flower markets. In Hong Kong

I don't think they can grow much in Hong Kong, apart from teddy bears to make teddy bear bouquets, so they import the good stuff from all over the world. It was wonderful to reconnect with my out  buddies-  Mrs Ranunculus, Lady Anemone & Mr Peony. There were a bunch of others there too.
Get it. BUNCH.

I couldn't believe it when I ran into Steve Martin!  Just kidding. Thats my dad.
He loves shopping.

AND I LOVE SHOPPING TOO. That must be where I get it from. Thats a joke too. 
My mum has been training me since I was three years old.

 After we stocked up on flowers, vases and teddy bear bouquets, Harry Highpants and I headed back to Chabad lubavitch where I made up the arrangements and felt extremely not Jewish. 
My dad sort of helped. And by helped I mean, he showed me some stuff on his ipad. 
He tried to do some bouquet modeling (on the left), but he didn't quite have that bouquet holding je ne sais quoi. Am I right?


  1. Wow I wish that one day I could be able to receive those wonderful flowers send flower in Toronto. Keep on posting!


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