Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Winston Wolfe x The Flower Drum

A while back, Kristie AKA Mrs Wolfe AKA the babe with the brains emailed me to say that she was hosting an event in Sydney for her brand Winston Wolfe. She said that from day dot, she had wanted me to create something for her. She also reminded me of the second time we met and I said something along the lines of "I love flowers so much I just want to rub them in my face." Great way to make a good second first impression. 
(I am such a proffessioNAIL bizznizz woman)

Anyway, the upcoming campaign launch was to be that day that I made something. 

The campaign was shot by Pierre Toussaint and the vibe was all deluxury leather, boobs, cups of tea and static telly, so of course she needed flowers.  We met up at the studio and she told me about how she wanted her launch to be in a secret garden, but when I looked around, it was nothing but white walls. She wanted to transform the space and hang giant images, and I wanted to make a tunnel.

You see, most of the time I really have no idea what I am doing. I have my lightbulb moments and I open my mouth and say things like "LETS MAKE A GIANT TUNNEL INTO THE GALLERY" and the client says "YEAAAHHH" and then I leave the meeting thinking what the heck! 
Why did I say that?! I've never made a tunnel.

Well listen here guy who made the Sydney Harbour tunnel, theres a new tunnel maker in town!

See... everyone wants to hang out in the flower tunnel. It makes people happy and beautiful. 
Move over flower wall. Flower tunnels are where its at.


  1. Holly, you are hilarious - love your honesty!

  2. yes.... everyone wants to hang out in the flowers tunnel.

  3. Nature always looks pretty and provide a kinda of Satisfaction. You have a new idea to create a flower tunnel. It's really cool. I love this concept.

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  5. Gorgeous flowers tunnel with exquisite dresses and beautiful women. Congrats from Melbourne!