Thursday, May 23, 2013

come on over

For those who have wanted to come over, but I have never invited you, well then this is the moment. Shop Til You Drop popped in for a visit so they could share my space with your face.
You might have to get your own cup of tea because I might forget to offer you one, and I'm telling you right now, its not usually this tidy around here, and Im not always sitting around reading my favourite flowery books in my vintage prom dress... But you can get cosy on the couch while I ignore you. Because thats what usually happens when people come over.
ps. Please dont go in the spare room. You might never come out. 
Thats where the mess monsters live.


  1. really love your house d├ęcor and the fashion!!! have just viewed the Shop Magazine!! well-done!! :) ox

  2. found your blog via ShopTil You Drop mag - congrats on the feature!

  3. Who made your banana necklace? It is insane in such a good good way.