Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Blockbuster Love Story / Geo & Nick

I just keep looking at the photos over and over again. Would you take a look at these guys?!  Have you ever seen so much happiness? 
It's like they are experts at getting married! If you are planning your own wedding, I think you need to talk to Georgia, because she nailed it. Infact once we were set up, I was totally bummed that I couldn't stay and hang out with these people. It was like a gathering of the most lovely people in the southern hemisphere and only people who stop at zebra crossings and don't swear were invited.

Georgia & Nick are definitely the glass is half full kinda people. I feel like Georgia wouldn't even be worried about the glass, she would just say something like - "Lets put flowers in it!" Oh! And let me tell you how they met.... They were both working at the video store and then they fell in love and between the two of them they have something like 50 million DVD's.. I'm guessing there would be some double ups.  And would you look at those bridesmaids, jeez I wish that I was in their gang. One of them has glasses... I HAVE GLASSES TOO!

Georgia & Nick, if you do this again can you please invite me?
Your # 1 fan.

ps. all of the photos are via Magnolia Rouge visit the link to see more photos and read about Georgias experience being a bride / wedding planner


  1. I adore this...just look at those gorgeous bridesmaids, flowers, bride, everything!

  2. Gorgeous couple, beautiful setting + awesome job on the florals Holly H. #flowerseeker x

  3. PS I love the flowers in Georgia's hair, so soft and pretty.

  4. Flowers is beautiful. I LIVE YOUR POST romantic flowers

  5. Ermagherd, my sister got married there. What magical photos!!

  6. Both flowers and set up are beautiful. Rustic decors, I like it.

  7. Both flowers bouquet and set up looking wonderful. You have nicely captured this photos. I just like it. Keep sharing!