Wednesday, August 7, 2013

something is coming

My studio had a little face lift over the weekend. 
I am super stoked because some super stokey doke things are happening in here.  
Its great. Really great.
And even greater things are about to happen. 
Shine your shoes my friends, its time to get ready. 
The Flower Drum Club is coming!


  1. hi there! i just read your article on pedestrian and it made my friday afternoon! haha every statement of yours I totally agreed with. getting and giving flowers is the best present. also DOWN WITH GERBERAS!
    btw. my bf gave me GERBERAS for Valentines Day. Sure I gave him the whole schtick 'valentines is a hallmark holiday blah blah blah' and i ended up with gerberas. or to be more precise. ONE SINGLE GERBERA STEM. guess i learnt my lesson -_-

  2. It's a cool place to work on your flower arrangements. You got a nice blog too.