Sunday, September 15, 2013

oriental fighting stix

Blossom Branches - or as I like to call them Oriental Fighting Sticks are all the rage at the moment.
It seems everyone is out there cutting down the branches perhaps from their neighbours yard.. oh and out at the markets, boy are they dangerous. Imagine hundreds of florists all whizzing through the market each with armfuls of bountiful bundles of blossom... 
an all out flower war is just waiting to happen I tell ya!

We shot some beautiful photos of some ornamental pear blossom for LVELAND and I just loved them so much, I wrote a little Haiku about them. 
Just kidding I don't know how to Haiku. Do you?


If you have just had your car cleaned – don’t buy these.
If it’s really windy outside– don’t buy these.
If you don’t like mess – don’t buy these.
If you don’t like being poked in the eye- don’t buy these
If you need self-defence weapons – buy these.

PS. No siamese fighting fish were harmed in the making of this post. Totally different thing. 

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