have love will travel

My footfriendly friends URGE FOOTWEAR invited me yet again to be a part of their latest campaign
Have Love Will Travel.
To me, a road trip is not a family holiday memory. The infamous trek from Sydney to Byron.. Ive never done it. And whatsmore I'm still not even allowed to. I have a 4 hour max limit on car travel. 
When I was a baby flower drum we used to fly everywhere in our own aeroplane. We had (still have) a Cessna 180. The 4 of us would rug up, put our headsets on and blast off around Australia. There were no stops at McDonalds and no unscheduled toilet stops. My whole life was planes. We even lived across from the runway at Melbourne airport. And whenever we ran out of milk, my dad would fly to the corner store to get more. Kidding.
For me now, travelling is a huge part of my job. Whether it be the early rise and hour long drive out to the markets, going direct to the growers farms out far far away, flying overseas for inspiration or interstate for special events.. I am now out and about more than ever. I love it when a collaboration makes sense. And I am stoked to share this little clip with you.


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