Wednesday, November 20, 2013

gumtree garden

Last week was quite monstera'ous (plant joke, get it?)
I was asked to create a pop up garden for the Gumtree Pop Up Garden Bar at The Rocks in Sydney. The coolest thing about this event is that everything (or nearly everything) was sourced from gumtree! And I had to cover it all in flowers!  At first I was like you want me to flower bomb EVERYTHING? - whaaaaat. And the morning of the bump in I was still like - whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. It was one of those jobs where you know its going to be awesome but you have absolutely no idea how its all going to happen. We wiped the markets clean of ivy, causing quite a stir and numerous complaints about the girl with the glasses buying "too much ivy" and every long lasting floral thing in sight was snapped up and thrown in the car. On Wednesday we unloaded the vans and emptied out the contents of a small jungle in the oldest lane way in Sydney - Kendall Lane.
Caitlin, Anamai and token new girl Hattie were there with me to make magic happen and all day long we built and chopped and sniffed and styled  until we ran out of flowers…
Take a look at the little vid that Hattie made of our day setting up The Gumtree Garden.


  1. This is very cool Holly...I read about this gathering on another blog a few days ago. I love the old kitchen cupboards, especially the one with the row of pineapples. Nice work :)

  2. I'm confused - I thought Gumtree Garden was designed by the guys at Yellowtrace.

  3. Hello Anony! It most certainly was! We just took care of the floral / garden component.