Anniversary del awesomeness

I've had these photos sitting on my hard drive for ages. I mean AGES. This wedding happened ONE YEAR AGO - today. And what good are these photos just sitting on my little black box of very important files?
And not only that. THIS IS MY FRIENDS WEDDING. WHAT KIND OF FRIEND AM I? KEEPING ALL THE SPECIALNESS TO MYSELF… On the 17th of January (last year) my beautiful friend Gabby married her New Zealandish boyfriend. I couldn't wear mascara to the wedding because I thought I would be so busy crying and I didn't want to be the crazy girl with black tears rolling down my face. Enough about me...
Gabby and I used to work together, and we didn't like each other. AT ALL. Im pretty sure she tried to get me fired, or maybe I tried to get myself fired by sitting around the corner eating rainbow paddle pops all day long instead of doing the computer thing at my desk. 
Sorry. Im talking about myself again.

Fast forward a couple of months and a few trips to tequila town; Gabby and I became besties. She would drive all the way from freshwater to tamarama to take me to work (because my car was damaged in a smash and dash by a naked drink driver) and we would drive in the bus lane the whole way - like it was no big thing. 

 Fast forward more-I did get fired (just after I'd finished painting my nailz at my desk) and Gabby moved to London or something. 
Fast forward more more. 
Gabby met Andrew. She was drunk and he was from New Zealand. Cute.
And then they got married.  




Happy Anniversary Gabby & Andrew

Wedding Reception @ The Boathouse Palm Beach


  1. Hi,
    What a cute story!! I loved this post. The photos of wedding are so beautiful and bit fun. Specially that baby is so cute.


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