Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Style Sesh Workshop

A couple of weeks ago I hosted an FYI DIY floral workshop with the lovely ladies from Hitched Magazine. We bunkered up at Studio Neon for the day, it was rainy outside, but that didn't matter because inside it felt like flower heaven. I went out the day before and bought all of my favourite flowers from my favourite suppliers - the best ingredients to make the best bouquets!
As the guests started to roll in, I was mid outfit crisis and without shoes.. but I pulled myself together just in time. Our flower fanatics had travelled far and wide to learn the art of flower drumming and I was so grateful.  We went around the room to learn about why each student had come and it was inspiring to find out what other people get up to and share a room with people who love flowers as much as I do! We kicked off with a table arrangement and each student came up to get their flowers - they could pick between romantical or wild, it was a bit chaotic but great... there were literally flowers flying though the air. Everyone got an A+ for their table arrangement designs and we celebrated much photo taking and some lunch. After lunch we got together and created a giant pinterest mood board  You see, pinteresting and mood boarding so SO important when planning an event, everyone had brought along references that they loved and once everything was up on the wall we could see that everyone had a similar style but it also exposed us to ideas that we had never even dreamed of! From the references I explained the tips and tricks for how a lot of these things are made - archways, flower crowns, table runners etc. And for those of you at home - cable ties are my secret weapon!
Next we moved onto making a bridal bouquet, again the girls came up to select their flowers but this time it was a free for all and they could pick whatever their hearts desired, with a little guidance from me of course! They learned about spiralling stems and my favourite idea of working with grouping and accent features. It was actually incredible to see before my eyes a room full of flower lovers just going for it and creating the MOST BEAUTIFUL arrangements I have seen. Absolutely amazing.
I am so grateful to be able to share something that makes me SO happy. All of our students walked away with the knowledge and inspiration to take on their next floral event guns blazing and a hitched goodie bag too! Thank you for coming and sharing your day with me and thank you Hitched for facilitating such a wonderful project. Until next time! x

This is my OHHHhhhhh and then what happened face
And this is my I have no idea what Im talking about face


 All photos via the amazing Butterfly Bones Photography to view more pop on over to facebook