Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Blossom Magic

G'Day Blossom! Konichiwa Bithches! 
Meet me down at the Disco Dojo! Wasabi!

 Im pretty pleased at the moment because right now  - 
And as the saying goes 
"When in Rome" - or
"You spin me right round, like a broken record.. baby right round" or
"You rock my socks"
Well whatever it is that I am saying / singing...what I mean is
I CANT GET ENOUGH of these blossoms and I am going to make the most of this amazing season. 
I pledge to love them until every last little bloom has dropped. 
In other news - I got a van! How exciting is that.



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  2. OH MY God! How nice a flowers bunch can be. Artistically design and applauds to your expert florists. Lovely passion!

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  5. I love cherry blossom trees. You guys are doing some amazing work with them! I have been trying to get one to grow in my yard for the last year or so. It has been really hard!

  6. Ich gelobe, sie zu lieben, bis jeder letzte kleine Blüte gesunken ist.
    In anderen Nachrichten - Ich habe eine van! Wie spannend ist, dass.


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  9. Cool! may I know where is this from? China? is this Blossom real or fake? Just wonder, if I can have it in Malaysia florist via online order or not......

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