Friday, June 3, 2011

perforating stinkers

the only caffeine re-fueler between my house and the market that is open when even dawn isnt up, is right by my place. mylee and i meet there before the markets. one particular morning, we were on the way out to market, all hopped up croissants, spinach and feta rolls and scones and coffee (its a long drive ok?!)  and discussing in great detail our affection for freesias. You see, when they force grow freesias they dont like it. They trick you because - they look like freesias, they sound like freesias, but they dont smell like freesias. they smell like nothing! 
Mylee came to the conclusion that the reason you buy freesias is because you want them to "perforate" your home.  I  looked at her and said yeah you want the flowers to fill your house with heaps of tiny holes?  case number 2 of the snoozebrain strikes. 

 here they are... perforating